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The BASIC Teeter Totter-a-Thon is all about supporting unity in the Belleville Community by bringing three local high schools (Belleville West, Belleville East, and Althoff) together to teeter totter and raise money and awareness for three worthy causes. The three groups that the students were raising money for this year were LINC Variety Show, Hospice, and Rayna's Rainbows. 

In previous years, the event has donated to the following agencies: Bosco Center, Interfaith Food Pantry, Joshua's Great Things, Edens' Army and many more.

Last year they were able to raise almost $10,000 dollars for local agencies. 

The event took place on Friday, April 22nd at Belleville West High School. It was the 7th annual Teeter Totter-a-Thon with an attendance of over 50 teams having 10 students on each team, that is 500 students all together! What an awesome turnout! 

Pictured below is the winning team from the 2016 BASIC Teeter Totter-a-Thon. 

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